About us

We are Techmates

Since 2019, we have been building a team of professionals in our field. We are growing rapidly and constantly improving.

Our philosophy is simple: to establish long-term partnerships with our clients while allowing our employees to work in a friendly small-company environment and fully take advantage of the benefits of full remote work with asynchronous working hours.

Our amazing core team

with 50+ years of experience together

Why to choose us?

our values

We are looking for new and efficient solutions, which we subsequently apply to our codebase. We also regularly update the libraries we use, thereby eliminating technical debt.
Friendly attitude
We are cool and we treat our clients as real partners. We believe that a friendly approach leads to long-term cooperation and successful projects.
Long-term cooperation
Only time can prove a truly successful partnership, which is why we don't want to be just an ordinary project factory, but partners with a common goal.
A well-coordinated team
Regardless of how we work together, you can rely on our team as a whole. We don't hire individuals - so don't expect any bodyshopping from us!

Our company

By the numbers


years of experience in software development and enhancement


experts taking care of your projects


countries where you'll find our amazing clients

We are a family

connecting in real world

Established brands and startups

Our clients

We focus on projects for both starting startups and established brands. We are dedicated to long-term partnerships with our clients.