Ering: Leading Innovation in the Auto Accessories E-commerce Sector

Ering stands out as one of the fastest-growing online stores in the auto accessories sector, committed to delivering unmatched service and the best possible conditions to its customers. The company offers a diverse portfolio of world-class refurbished products, emphasizing authenticity and provenance. Ering s.r.o. meticulously selects its suppliers to ensure that each product is genuine and of high quality. As the official distributor for multiple renowned brands, and a direct buyer from sources where it is not the distributor, Ering guarantees the authenticity and origin of every product, meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction. This dedication to quality and authenticity sets Ering apart in the competitive online marketplace.

The Challenge

Ering s.r.o. faced a critical business challenge when transitioning to a new e-commerce platform intended to support their expansion into the Czech Republic. Despite assurances from their previous supplier that the platform was 90% complete, the reality was starkly different. Not only did the previous supplier lack the time to fully finish the platform, but the application was also discovered to be in a poor technical state—a fact unknown to Ering at the outset.

This incomplete and technically deficient platform posed a significant obstacle for Ering, as it threatened their strategic expansion plans and risked impacting customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. The need for a robust solution was immediate: to salvage the nearly completed platform, rectify its technical deficiencies, and ensure it could support a seamless expansion into the Czech market. This challenge required rapid, expert intervention to avoid further setbacks and capitalize on the growth opportunities in a new market.

  • Strategic Risk
  • Incomplete Platform
  • Urgent Expert Intervention
OUR Solution
Revitalizing Ering’s E-commerce Platform for Market Expansion

Faced with the challenge of an incomplete and technically flawed e-commerce platform, we took decisive action to rescue Ering's expansion efforts. Upon taking over the application from the previous supplier, our initial deep-dive analysis revealed extensive unfinished work and multiple critical issues, including severe performance problems and messy, ineffective code that was far from deployment-ready.

To address these issues, we assembled a dedicated team consisting of two fullstack developers and a tech lead, who took charge of the codebase. This skilled team embarked on a rigorous four-month overhaul, aligning and rewriting significant portions of the platform to meet operational and technical standards. Their focused efforts resolved the major issues, transforming the platform into a robust and market-ready tool.

Thanks to these corrections, we successfully launched the application in the Czech market, immediately boosting Ering's revenue by 10% in the first month alone. Our ongoing commitment to enhancing and expanding the platform continues, as we support Ering's growth into additional countries, ensuring sustained success and scalability in new markets.

  • 10% revenue boost
  • stabilized expansion
  • Expert Team