Mastering Complexity: Overcoming Recruitment and Integration Challenges at Partners

Partners Financial Services is recognized as the premier independent financial advisory firm in the Czech Republic. Managed by a team of nine experienced partners, the firm is renowned for delivering objective, personalized, and comprehensive financial advice. Established in 2007, Partners has been a transformative force in the Czech financial landscape, enriching the lives of hundreds of thousands of clients through innovative service offerings.

The Challenge
Building a Resilient Frontend Team for a Pioneering Platform

Partners Financial Services faced a significant challenge in assembling a skilled frontend (FE) team tasked with designing and developing a new FE platform. The recruitment process extended over six months, as potential candidates were daunted by the scope and complexity of the project. Furthermore, the technical demands of the project posed additional hurdles. The ultimate goal was to consolidate and replace five existing internal applications, built on diverse technologies, into a single, future-proof platform. Crafting an appropriate architectural design was critical to ensure the platform could stand the test of time and meet the ambitious goals set by the client.

  • Five different systems
  • Missing talents and know how
  • Delay in development

OUR Solution
Crafting a Future-Proof and Scalable Frontend Architecture

To address the formidable challenge faced by Partners Financial Services, we established a dedicated team of senior frontend developers, fully integrated within the client's workflow and product management processes. Our approach involved designing a cutting-edge, future-proof microfrontends architecture that guarantees scalability and flexibility for the platform's ongoing evolution.

We meticulously selected the most suitable technologies for the platform by conducting comprehensive analyses of multiple potential technologies. This strategic choice ensured that the architecture not only met the current needs but was also robust enough to adapt to future demands, providing a seamless, scalable solution that aligns with the client's long-term objectives.

  • Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Scalability and Flexibility