May 18, 2024

Revolutionizing Recrutiment: How we stand out in the modern labour market


Vojtěch Kolář
HR Manager

At Techmates, our culture is one of our major unique selling points to job seekers. Competence, innovation, and sincerity are more than just buzzwords to us (unlike some companies out there) – they are the main pillars on which our culture is built.

For this reason, our recruitment process might be different from what you’ve experienced so far. Forget about lengthy processes where you’re dazzled with an unrealistic picture of the company to convince you to join. We base our HR agenda on openness to revolutionize the quality of HR in the Czech Republic, which isn’t particularly high.

Of course, some topics remain undiscussed due to confidentiality, but any questions about the company culture, role, past, or present is welcome. Our recruitment process is not strictly designed and therefore remains fully flexible.

Prefer to come onsite and see the office? Alright! Prefer to text for a while about the opportunity instead of a direct phone call? No problem. Tailoring our approach to the job seeker is one reason we have a regular influx of job candidates each month. However, we strive to stay consistent on two aspects, which we believe are best practices in recruitment that most companies still do not follow: First, if we reject a candidate who applied through our careers website and the employment is not agreed upon, we share with the candidate some companies (even competitors) which we know are competent and potentially hiring. The second thing we are consistent on is feedback: knowing the true reasons why a person was or was not selected is, in our eyes, humane.

With such innovative practices, we aim to make recruitment more human, less stressful, and simply more comfortable for both sides of the table while maintaining professionalism. Besides the positive feedback received from candidates (even after rejection!), we believe this is one of the reasons we haven’t had to promote our job ads – we receive candidates on a regular basis.